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ArborPro Plant Care Experts is an innovative and capable company for all of your consulting, planting, spraying and stump chipping needs in Rochester, NH. Our team has years of plant health care experience. Our arborists can accurately diagnose and treat any tree, shrub, and turf problem. Our crews are dispatched from Rochester, Hooksett, Concord, and Gilmanton and work throughout Maine and New Hampshire.'

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Tick Spray

Ticks are dangerous creatures with a poisonous bite that can cause various health conditions ranging from mild to more serious symptoms. Preventing illness by ticks begins with prevention of these animals in the first place. They often reside in tall grasses and around wooded areas, so a tick spray can be handy to repel them.Our company utilizes specialized tick sprays that are strong against ticks while still being gentle on the environment. We make sure that the presiding tick population on your property is eradicated and safe for your own use. Through our work, you can enjoy your late spring and summer days without worry.

Mosquito Spray

Mosquitoes are pesky insects that can bring harm to your garden, as well as to you and the occupants of your household or office. Although they are certainly notorious for feeding on blood, they also eat flower nectar, which can further impact the health of your plants.To prevent you and your property from being affected by mosquitoes, they must be repelled immediately. Our team provides effective mosquito spray that will prevent the presence of mosquitoes any time of day. With us, you can feel safe from the harmful effects of these bugs.

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